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You will find various articles here that mostly address where the technology industry is headed, our experiences, and the best advice we can muster as we help others transform their IT, adopt Hybrid solutions, and increase their value to their business/users.

Occasionally we may stray to other topics we find significant. We encourage you to interact and engage with us, we appreciate your feedback, and want to hear your thoughts on the topics we discuss. One thing we know for certain is there are often many ways to accomplish transformation and adopt cloud. The more we educate each other the easier it is to fan the flames of success and progress for everyone, please engage, we'll respond. Please be nice, mean people will not be tolerated or listened to, and will just get deleted when we have the time. As my Mother said,  "if you can't say anything nice ........ turn off your computer and go play outside".


"We shouldn't be afraid to be disruptive - we should be in charge of our own disruption."

-Alberto Aguayo, Cisco
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To Answer your Question

Many of the contributors here at are part of a cloud consulting firm, CloudLogic. As part of rethinking how CloudLogic goes to market and delivers innovation to our customers, we realized that we also wanted an independent voice, to look at the industry, technology, innovation areas and to speak unencumbered by corporate communication standards. gave birth to a place for us to collaborate and contribute to the discourse of a rapidly changing industry that is measured by how connected someone is to the change. Our intent is for this space to be independent, and thought provoking with the intent to foster collaboration. Our topics will extend beyond cloud computing (aka "Above the Cloud") to the broader IT community. Regardless of your view on the cloud, your enterprise and your technology decisions are directly affected by it.  We hope this forum will help IT professionals make better decisions and seek out new and innovative insights to improve their journey and enable them to do right for the specific needs of their business.

We will have some thought provoking individual articles and article series coming over the next several months. We hope to see you join us as we start to dig into the depths of Cloud, IT Strategy, Migration & Transformation,  organizational insights to leadership in this age of IT, building Centers of Excellence, and realizing the best value from your talented workforce.

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