Bill Benedict
Business Transformation and Optimization, System Integration, and Workflow Optimization

Bill has over 20 years of leadership experience in the IT industry strategically aligning with Top Tier IT manufactures and providers.  He has had the good fortune and abilities to have done and or had direct responsibility for practically every role in the IT reseller community with tremendous results.

Some of his early success was from being an early adopter, implementing and operating an organization that was responsible for the final assembly of IBM systems under IBM’s AAP ( authorized assembler program) as well as evolving buying relationships into a Procurement Services practice implementing one of the earliest forms of real time B2B commerce that included a fully functional and integrated Ecommerce buy site for Enterprise Clients.

More recently he specializes in transforming businesses into scalable and client responsive organizations.  Focusing on modernizing and optimizing workflow practices from demand generation through to cash collection;  planning, prototyping, and integrating systems, process, and people to transform the business and to enable future successes.

Core to Bill’s experience is strategic partnerships, growing business both in revenue and margin.   Bill directly and indirectly manages partners, creating and executing GTM plans and is accountable to the success of the partnerships.